Lean StartUp a ‘Theater Training and Production Company’

By on 6. Februar 2014

In short – that’s it. I am starting up a theater company.
A place where people produce artistic presentations and
perfom them infront of an audience.
A place where people engage with these performances and
can discuss or even learn from them.
A place like a focal point for social and cultural exchange.

I don’t yet know what it is called. I don’t yet know what
will happen along the way, but I know this …

I will start next week by giving short acting lessons to youth
who find it interessting and useful to learn some of the ways
of the performing arts. May it be for their own artistic endeavour,
or as a preparation for a job interview, or to improve their social
skills and teamwork-abilities, or just for sport.

I will let this grow into an open training plattform by following
the ideas and methods of lean startup. I am convinced
this will enable the plattform to start a theater production
by end of August this year.

This is all I know so far. Tomorrow – I will know more.

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